Life Coaching

Helping you to discover who you really are and using your potential at its fullest is my priority.

Let me help you get what you want, evolve in the most efficient way, with the adequatetools to have thatideal life you’ve longedso long for, in the least consuming on time and energy.

Let me be the guide when you feel lost, your consultant when you have to make difficult decisions, your daily motivational speaker when you need support for the changes youwant to make happen, your the rapist when you need to heal from your wounds,  your rent-a-friend when you need a meaningful and deep conversation.

Whether at work, at home, amongfriends or with your loving partner, you are still YOU.

It is your duty to show them the person you want them to see and it is mine to remind you who you are.

I am the voice that reminds you to make your dreams and desires a reality.

I am the strategist that sets and plan with you the ways to achieve your goals and objectives.

I am the watchman that sees ahead of your thoughts and actions, that allows you to always have the big picture of your professional and private life.  


Why would you need me

Every great person in man’s History had that unique person next to him: Emperor Alexander the Great had Aristotle ; every child had a parent or a tutor ;  even Rocky Balboa had Mickey!

There will always be moments in life where you need insight, help and support. Not only that, there are moments in life where you need to seize that specific opportunity, where you have to make that life-changing decision, or where you need to focus on your goals & priorities in life.

My commitment to you lies in those 3 words:

  • Expertise through know-how, structure &balance: I know how to set the right goals, how to be efficient, to increase wealth and abundance, all by keeping balance in your professional and personal life.
  • Delivery through consistency and good timing : I will uplift you and challenge you. I will find the right words at the right time for the right reasons. I will be there when it matters. I will help you integrate new patterns, develop new habits and creating new ways of thinking.
  • Accountability through responsible and caring communication: I will listen to you. My words will motivate and inspire you. We will develop a unique communication, all designed to help you take bigger actions, setting clearer goals and thinking through every obstacle. 


To whom am I offering my services:

To all the people who need to be empowered and who are ready to commit to have an ideal life.

For this, I don’t see what you are doing for a living, I am only interested in the level of devotion you have for yourself to live a fulfilled and happy life.


What might you work with me:

  • Identifying core values and passions
  • Organizing your life by priorities, needs and necessities
  • Planning career, transitions, business, family and life
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Changing habits
  • Improving key skills
  • Financial security for freedom and independence
  • Making money
  • Balancing professional and personal life
  • Developing top level communication
  • Fulfilling personal and emotional needs
  • Starting / growing a business
  • Generating more free time for yourself