Corporate Coaching

A company is an existing and living entity.

It is born in the world of economy, it learns and tries to find a place to evolve and grow from locally to globally and makes everything to survive, live and prosper.

It is able to do that thanks to his inner organism, the employees.

If top management executives are the brain and heart and the middle management the remaining organs that allow proper functioning, each employee, even the slightest cell, has its importance.

Only if everyone knows and understands the values, the vision, the mission and the strategy of the organization are, is the company able to achieve its goals and dreams.

My corporate coaching skills combine my skills with an in-depth understanding of the company in his current context.

Corporate coaching are donewith groups or individuals, where I canwork on a specific topic or provide long-term support, to accelerate change, enhance performance, help solving a problemwith effective methods.

I wouldbehonored to be the external support whenitcomes to develop and plan sustainableimprovements in key areas, such as communication (within the company as well as with the public), performance, productivity, employee attitudes, recruitment and retention of staff.

Throughregular coaching sessions, team building programs, retreats, lectures, challenge definition or withtailor-made packages, I will put my coaching expertise to yourcompany’s needs.