Life is a mysterious labyrinth, full of unexpected encounters.

We reluctantly decide to study a subject at university. We are giving our all hoping to get that dream job, synonym of success, to finally end up doing something we learn to hate ;

We fall in love with that wonderful person that puts our world upside down in so many ways, more unexpectedly when the moment to move to that unknown country has come ;

That unwanted innocent born child or that unfortunate sick relative who is shaking our well-routined mundaine life, asking us to raise the level of our responsibilities for an indefinite period of time ;

Or these sweet dreams that are slowly fading away, because life and time is slipping away. We feel weaker, older, difficult to motivate, close to giving up and likely to accept the fatalism of our existence.

During all this time, we haven’t noticed that we have changed so much and that we just needed someone who is able to see the big picture of our situation and help us to move forward instead of fighting the ghosts of the past.

We tend to be perfect, irreproachable, adored and venerated. Yet, what is more human than imperfection and confusion?

Humanity has always found a way to improve with helping hands.

I want to be that helping hand. More, I want to give you access to a helping mind connected to a community of caring people that has created the ideal environment for your personal and professional development.

Everyone deserves to find their path to happiness. Even you. Better said: especially you!

I believe that the biggest changes within creates the miracles that surround us every day.

The world is made of illusions. Let’s make the worthy ones shape our reality then.

Safouane Jaouid is a holistic counsel, legal architect and life strategist, able to help and assist people, in their private and professional environment, to define the plans that facilitates the balance between all the facettes of life.

Safouane is also a certified lawyer, military martial art instructor & psychologist. He travelled all around the world to learn from the best. From ascetic monk training to climbing the Everest, he today shares the lessons learned from his journey. He has always fought and pleaded to defend his clients’ rights in front of Justice.

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